Welche Funktionen bietet die Plasma Cloud Konsole und wie schneidet sie im Vergleich zu Cloudtrax von Open Mesh ab?
Die umfassende Übersicht liefert die Antworten und einen klaren Sieger.

SSID Management
WiFi security/splashpage/internet access mode per SSID
Unlimited number of SSIDs
Per-device SSID assignment
WiFi scheduling
Client Management
WiFi client splashpage bypass/block access
Individual blocked message for each WiFi client
Network Health
Per-device outage charts for the last day
Per-device outage charts for the last week/month
Network-wide outage charts for the last day/week/month
WiFi Troubleshooting
Site-survey scan presented via table overview
Device Placement overview with channel occupation per-radio
Visual site-survey channel interference analytics (RF topology)
Instant RF topology update via data streaming from device
Mesh Networking
Self-forming & self-healing mesh on 2.4 and 5 GHz built-in
Ability to disable mesh for the entire network
Ability to disable mesh per device
Switch Management
Switch port VLAN management
Visual VLAN assignment overview & assignment
PoE scheduling
Automated WiFi Settings Optimization
Automated channel & HT-mode selection
Automated mesh management
AP & Switch Integration
- Connected device auto-discovery and visualization
- Layer 2 network-wide topology visualization
- VLAN topology visualization
- Permission sharing (organization/network sharing)
- Simple CloudTrax migration
- Per-device Ethernet port status view
- Third party device auto-discovery via LLDP
- Splashpage sharing across multiple networks
- Easy-to-use third party captive portal integration