What features does the Plasma Cloud console offer and how does it compare to Cloudtrax from Open Mesh?
The comprehensive overview provides the answers and a clear winner.

SSID Management
WiFi security/splashpage/internet access mode per SSID
Unlimited number of SSIDs
Per-device SSID assignment
WiFi scheduling
Client Management
WiFi client splashpage bypass/block access
Individual blocked message for each WiFi client
Network Health
Per-device outage charts for the last day
Per-device outage charts for the last week/month
Network-wide outage charts for the last day/week/month
WiFi Troubleshooting
Site-survey scan presented via table overview
Device Placement overview with channel occupation per-radio
Visual site-survey channel interference analytics (RF topology)
Instant RF topology update via data streaming from device
Mesh Networking
Self-forming & self-healing mesh on 2.4 and 5 GHz built-in
Ability to disable mesh for the entire network
Ability to disable mesh per device
Switch Management
Switch port VLAN management
Visual VLAN assignment overview & assignment
PoE scheduling
Automated WiFi Settings Optimization
Automated channel & HT-mode selection
Automated mesh management
AP & Switch Integration
- Connected device auto-discovery and visualization
- Layer 2 network-wide topology visualization
- VLAN topology visualization
- Permission sharing (organization/network sharing)
- Simple CloudTrax migration
- Per-device Ethernet port status view
- Third party device auto-discovery via LLDP
- Splashpage sharing across multiple networks
- Easy-to-use third party captive portal integration