MeshTech guarantees that the products of open mesh are free from defects in materials and workmanship. The guarantee is valid from the date of delivery to the original purchaser and ends 12 months later. For used items, such as from our promotions, the warranty time is 12 months. Decisive is the delivery date. Implied warranty claims remain unaffected by the warranty. 

The warranty will be performed in such a way that defective components will be replaced with correct parts. Replaced parts become our property. 

If the rectification is rejected or fails equivalent products will be delivered to the end user within the warranty period stated above.

Warranty service shall not extend the warranty period nor do they initiate a new warranty period.

Further or other claims, especially those incurred for compensation outside the unit damage - unless responsibility is no obligatory legal - excluded. 

For a smoothe process please review our information page. This way unnecessary costs can be avoided and faster processing of the process is possible.

Loss of Warranty

Excluded from the guarantee are mechanical damages (cracks, dents, scratches), overvoltage damage, damage caused by improper use, normal wear and tear, exposure to chemicals or force majeure and tampering or repair by you or others. Likewise, there can be no guarantee if the defects on the unit are due to transport damages that are not caused by us. Please claim transport damage  immediately to the delivery company .